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KUNDO 202S - elektronischer Heizkostenverteiler (gebraucht)
JE NACH AUSWAHL: inkl. Plombe & Wärmeleiter (Aluminium-Platte)

ACHTUNG: Der Front-Aufdruck kann zu den Fotos abweichen (Kundo 202S, AS, Thurex, Wärmemess, Qundis, Qvedis, Heizmess, etc....)

Electronic heat cost allocators are radiator-mounted devices capable of measuring heat output and storing the data acquired. A distinction is made between one-sensor devices (201S) and two-sensor heat cost allocators (202x). One-sensor devices record the radiator temperature and assume a fixed room temperature for consumption calculation. In contrast, two-sensor devices record both the radiator and the room temperatures. Both device types can be used with standard heating systems, with low-temperature heating systems two-sensor devices are mandatory or more suitable. Both device types can display and store different values, i.e. the cumulated value at a selectable due date or the current value, and a fault indication in case of an error.
In the case of vertical heating system piping, heat cost allocation is only possible through heat cost allocators, in the case of horizontal piping, heat meters may be able to be used depending on the type of system.
Alongside advanced measuring technology that has proved its worth millions of times over, we have access to one of the largest heat transmission coefficient databases kc-values) for almost any type of radiator available, without which the evaluation of measured results would not be possible.

Series 202S/K – Q opto (1107)
This series is equipped with an optical close-range interface (1107) through which the parameters can be programmed and the measuring values readout using a corresponding device. The readout process is made easier through the electronic readout of the
measuring devices in the property and optimised in terms of error detection and data transmission security.

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RENTAL ACCU-TWIN 25-61 welding unit for mounting of heat cost allocators RENTAL ACCU-TWIN 25-61 welding unit for mounting of heat cost allocators
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Surcharge for changing due date Q Caloric 5.5 / Kundo 202S Surcharge for changing due date Q Caloric 5.5 / Kundo 202S
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